Purchasing Web Design Services

Don’t Buy into "Square Peg / Round Hole" Web Design

Whether you are considering having a Web site designed or redesigned, avoid the "square peg / round hole" practice of Web design that is antithetical to site customization and search engine optimization. This practice manifests itself in:

  • "Packages" and "Bundles": What a designer is selling is usually more than or less than what your Web site requires. So why overpay for what you don’t need or get shortchanged on the content, format, and functionality that your site must have to inform, interest, and engage your audience?
  • "Specials": "Buy now, save later" seldom works out in the end. In terms of the "now," you only get what you pay for. "Later," you’ll be paying an unknown full rate for Web site maintenance and updates. That’s when you realize "specials" aren’t so special.
  • Limitations: Packages, bundles, and specials are marketing practices that limit the customization of your Web site. What if your site ideally requires seven pages instead of the package’s maximum of five and only needs six images/photos instead of the package’s allowance of ten? Do you cram content covering different topics onto the same Web page thus sacrificing its focus and search engine rankings and losing out on traffic to your site?

If your Web site is to uniquely reflect your organization and audience, its content, format, and functionality must be customized and the cost of its design should reflect this customization. Paying only for what you decide your site needs results in the best online presence and site performance for your money.