Web Sites

  • Do not invest money in a Web site until you have –
    • unique content
    • a notion of a design concept that will engage your audience
    • the time to work with your Web designer
  • Remember that your Web designer’s control over a visitor’s experience of your Web site is limited by the visitor’s Web-enabled device and its display/monitor, browser, and Internet connection.
  • Use a free, online, mobile device simulator – if not a mobile device – to see how mobile users experience your current Web site.
  • Do not invest money in a separate mobile site that will double your design and maintenance costs. A single, responsively designed site will serve both wired and mobile devices equally well.
  • Register a simple, relevant, and memorable Web address. Avoid the use of dashes and other special characters.
  • Do not plan to create multiple Web sites containing identical content. Instead, possibly purchase additional Web addresses and point them to your Web site.
  • Do not automatically purchase possibly unnecessary domain extensions for your Web address (e.g., .info, .net, .org, .us, etc.).
  • Get a copy of all information about the registrar, cost, payment, and expiration date of your site’s Web address(es).
  • Also get a copy of all usernames and passwords for your site’s Web-hosting account, Google and Bing/Yahoo Webmaster accounts, and Google Analytics account.